C-Urea Breath Test

13C-Urea Test Analyzer

Detection Principle:

CO2 has some characterictic absorption peak in the infrared wavelengths,and there are little difference in the absorption peak position between 13CO2 and 12CO2.

According to the tiny difference in the absorption peak position between 13CO2 and 12CO2, HCBT-01 breath test analyzer respectively measures the 13CO2 and 12CO2 concentration in specimen,then calculate the 13CO2 isotope abundance variable quantity DOB(‰) in sample gas and base sample compared to 13CO2 natural abundance,thereby judge whether the patients are infected by Hp.

Mode lo:(HCBT-01)

Product feature:


Measure a group of sample (including a bag of base gas and a bag of sample gas) and get detecting result in time, insert 6 groups (12 channels) sample a time, batch test automatically, batch print detecting reports. It needs only 30 minutes to preheating and start quickly.


English operating system, powerful database management, network printing function; humanize control interface, operating help, false alarm function.


Channel fast-choose function, one-touch operation to finish all measurement, no need for exogenous gas calibration.

Main Technical parameters:

1. Power supply: AC220V 50Hz, Power consumption <350W.

2. Volume: Length * width * height = 535mm * 405mm * 310mm.

3. Weight: about 18Kg.

4. Operation Control Mode: Software control, controlling according to the software in user’s computer and special man-machine interface.

5. Message output method: the special man-machine interface that installed in user’s computer and user printing machince.

6. Main technical index:

a. Repeatability: Average value ≤ ± 0.3 (Condition: To measure a group of a standard gas sample that include 3% CO2, DOB (‰) = 0 for 10 times.)

b. Precision: Standard error ≤ 0.3 (Condition: To measure a group of a standard gas sample that include 3% CO2, DOB (‰) = 2 for 10 times.)

c. The concertation range of CO2 sample: 0.5-6.0%.

d. Sample volume need: ≥ 120mL/bag.

e. Sample measuring time: The time to measure a patient sample (including a bag of base sample and a bag a sample gas) is about under 3 minutes, the different CO2 concertation in sample will lead to measuring time’s difference.

f. Preheat time: about 30 minutes, preheat time might shorten or extend automatically due to the influence of environment temperature.

7. Security type:

Anti-electric shock rate: Class I

Overvoltage Category: Class II

Class of Pollution: Class II

Hightlights of C-Urea Test:

1. Sensitivity ≥ 95%, speciality 100%.

2. Non-invasive & Convenient, well accepted.

3. Applicable for any age & any group.

4. Gold standard for detecting presence of H.pylori.